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Closing costs are can be paid by either the buyer or the seller, and is usually determined at the time of contract. The Standard Real Estate Contract explains who is responsible for payment of which costs. These can be changed when negotiated (except when the buyer is obtaining FHA or VA financing).

Normally, the Seller pays Documentary Stamps on the Deed. Many people refer to this as "Transfer Tax" to the State of Florida. This is based on the sales price of the individual property, and is equal to $.70 on every $100 of the purchase price. To figure this, simply divide the sales price by 100, then multiply by .70 to find the total "Doc Stamps".

The Seller also usually pays for the new title policy.  Although title insurance rates are regulated by the State of Florida as to the minimum you can be charged, all title insurance companies may increase this rate to cover the expenses involved in preparing and disbursing closing papers and funds. There is also an additional charge (usually $50 to $100) for a Court Search Fee.

The Buyer normally pays for the recording of his own deed (which is about $6.00). All other charges that the Buyer is responsible for are required due to his new financing. The new lender will require things such as Termite Inspections, Surveys, Appraisals, etc... These then become the Buyer's responsibility. Other items the Seller may be responsible for are Tax Proration, Pay Off of Current Mortgage Loans, and FHA/VA Closing Costs.

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